Browse to find out what products, services, entertainment, travel – are union. These lists are built from sites of our sister unions. Some have great lists, some do not. So, it's constantly a work in progress. If you know of others, please send us Shop for these items (and more if one of the unions didn't have a good list online) in Buy What's Union.

  • Auto Parts/Tires
  • Banking/Credit Cards/Checks
  • Bookstores/Videos/Music
  • Building Materials
  • Clothing/Accessories
  • Cars/Trucks/Vans/RVs
  • Electronics/Electrical
  • Entertainment/Sports
  • Food/Beverage/Grocery
  • Home/Appliances/Heat/AC
  • Magazines/Newspapers/Printers
  • Medical
  • Pet
  • Office Products
  • Shoes/Boots
  • Sporting Goods
  • Tractors
  • Toys
  • Travel/Vacation
  • Wireless Phone Service
  • Auto Parts/Tires

    UAW made parts/equipment

    IBEW made automotive parts

    UAW made automotive batteries

    USW made tires

    Banking/Credit Cards/Checks

    Amalgamated Bank

    Union Privilege Credit Cards (personalized by union)



    UAW made Yamaha musical instruments

    Building Materials

    UAW made building/home repair products

    UAW made plumbing products

    UFCW made brands

    UAW/CAW/IEU Buying Guide

    IBEW makes all kinds of electrical equipment


    Live union musicians for events

    Music lessons from a union musician


    UFCW made and packaged food/beverage/medicine/personal products/baby care and other items

    UAW made consumer food products

    Teamster food workers

    UAW made beer/rum/groceries

    Fairly complete list of union made beers


    UFCW made household cleaners/products

    IBEW made Alarms & Detection Devices

    IBEW made appliances/vacuums/humidfiers

    UAW made appliances

    UAW made home products (hvac systems, security systems, windows & doors, laders, and much more)

    UAW made housewares (lamps, drapes, embroidery, cookware products)

    UAW made lawn care products

    UAW made tools

    UAW heat/AC equip.

    HVAC service

    UAW factory built homes


    UAW made magazines and books

    Find a GCIU printer

    Medical Products

    UAW made medical products (eye glasses, contacts, mail order drugs)

    Office Products

    UAW made office products

    UFCW made pet food and other items
    UFCW made brands of shoes and boots
    Sporting Goods
    UAW made sporting goods
    UAW made tractors
    UAW made games, puzzles, hobby kits, etc.

    Airlines with AFA union flight attendants

    Airlines with ALPA union pilots

    Airlines with Teamster workers


    Union hotel guide from UNITEHERE!

    Norwegian Cruises (discounts for union members)

    Wireless Phone Service
    AT&T wireless (discounts for union members)

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